10 Habitats TUFFss VP TUFFss VP in Shutdown System Control Room TUFFss VP Overlooking the Proof of Concept Test 3 Levels of Habitat Our Superintendent with 3 Containers of supplies and equipoment 4 Habitats 5 Habitats Notice the Harness. Safety First! Notice the Harness. Safety First! Notice the Harness. Safety First! Looking down from top of the EGES ducts Air Intake and Emergency Extract Ducts  All 10 Habitats complete and cut open to allow commencement of insulation of pipes The site manager Bassey with our large dust collectors Building Two Levels At Once Change of level with need for door 2 Clear view of column that needs to be repaired Climbing High Up On The Outside - With Proper PPE  No problem building our Habitat in this complicated area Safety Shutdown Control Room and Power Room Custom Made Equipment Custom Made Equipment 2 Self Closing, See Thru Door Habitat Ready for Door Installation Escape route through scaffolding  Flame Arrester at top of EGES  Flame Arrester at top of EGES Gas extraction and air intake Gas Extraction Duct Run Getting Ready For Grit Blasting Getting Ready for TSA Getting Ready To Inspect Initial Setup With Client Going Around Corners Inside The Habitat 1 Going Around Corners Inside The Habitat 2 Habitat Hanging On The Outside of the Scaffold Heat Exchanger Inside Habitat 1 Heat Exchanger Inside Habitat 2 Full Setup. Impressive Job Well Done With Stakeholders Ladders and staircases View From Level 8 On Column Lots Of Equipment 1 Lots Of Equipment 2 Lots of Pipes and Scaffold In a Small Place Lots Of Places To Seal Make Sure Its Tight Measuring Shrink Wrap Nice view No Penetration After Direct Hit Of Grit Blasting Not Much Room To Move Around Pipe in Three Phases - raw, blasted and with TSA Pipe in Three Phases - raw, blasted and with TSA 2 Pipes Curving And Ready To Be Encapsulated Pipes Entering the Habitat  Installing Dust Collection Duct  Installing Dust Collection Duct2  Installing Dust Collection Duct Putting On The Roof Quiet Day and Job On Column Almost Done Racks With Acetylene Racks With Oxygen Setting Up Site 1 Setting Up Site 10 Setting Up Site 11 Setting Up Site 12 Setting Up Site 13 Setting Up Site 14 Setting Up Site 15 Setting Up Site 16 Setting Up Site 2 Setting Up Site 3 Setting Up Site 4 Setting Up Site 5 Setting Up Site 6 Setting Up Site 7 Setting Up Site 8 Setting Up Site 9 Several Levels of Habitats Shell Technical Advisor and TUFFss President Ready to do Proof of Concept Shutdown System Control Room Shutdown System Control Room (1) Small Proof of Concept Habitat on the Impressive Scaffold Some of the International Team with TUFFss VP and MD Pipe Spanning from Column to Platform TSA Finished Inside Habitat TUFFss - A view of ducts - HVAC and dust collectors TUFFss - custom made boots for HVAC unit TUFFss - dust collector duct run above to avoid tripping hazard TUFFss - Emergency Gas extraction system has been mounted TUFFss - Habitat building enclosing heat exchanger TUFFss - Heavy ducts are put in place TUFFss - Impressive scaffolding 1 TUFFss - Impressive scaffolding 2 TUFFss - Inside and out of the HVAC TUFFss - Mounting of heavy duct is precision work TUFFss - President of TUFFss discusses progress with Habitat technician TUFFss Engineer Shows The Shutdown System Panel TUFFss President Overlooking Proof of Concept test with NLNG Stakeholders TUFFss President with Habitat on Bonny Island Two Levels Being Built At Once Windows And Door Work In Progress Work In Progress.Sealing Around the Column You Can Never Get Too Many Dust Collection Filters You Have To Be Careful In This Area TUFFss. Ducts For Air Supply And Dust Collection Crossing. TUFFss. Dust Collector Inlet TUFFss. Gas Jet Extraction Duct Outlet TUFFss. Habitat air supply inlet TUFFss. Habitat wall to enclosed heat exchanger TUFFss. Habitat with air supply and dust collection ducts TUFFss The Enclosed Heat Exchanger