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TUFFss™ is the leading provider for a safe Hot-Work environment providing pressurized enclosures, also known as "Habitats".

TUFFss™ provides both negative and positive pressure Habitats to help reduce risks associated with different kinds of Hot-Work including, but not limited to, maintenance, CUI mitigation, and any other work that takes place in an environment with the risk of leaks, release, and/or penetration of explosive, flammable, and/or poisonous gasses.

The TUFF Safe Maintenance Solution (SMS) is a patent-pending specialized system that provides solutions for LNG, crude oil refineries, and petrochemical plants that need to perform blasting, coating or any other maintenance work in a controlled environment. The benefit of the SMS is that the work can be performed in a live environment. We offer this solution with either negative or positive pressure.

The TUFF Safe Maintenance Solution (SMS) is a very complex and intricate setup. Most of the tasks performed and the systems involved have been done individually before. Albeit, not necessarily in the same way or even as efficient as in our solution. However, this is the first time all of these tasks have been integrated into one full and safe process circle solution. In that respect, our sophisticated Emergency Shutdown System that acts as the brain for all parts and processes is truly unique and provides you with unsurpassed control and safety.

The TUFF SMS consists of a number of features including, but not limited to, a TUFF Shrink Wrap Habitat, the patent-pending TUFF Automatic Safety Shutdown System, Emergency Gas Extraction System, Climate Control (temperature and humidity), and Dust Collection and Control.

The TUFF Tri-Diamond Habitat is designed to be placed on offshore platforms, refineries, petrochemical plants and turnarounds and eliminates the need for costly, time-consuming complete shut-downs. This solution is offered with positive pressure only.

TUFFss™ provides our clients with the proper safety measures that meet their needs and requirements in an ever changing world. We do not offer simple standardized products; TUFFss™ provides you with tailor made solutions for each situation. We want to provide the right solution for the client while keeping the price affordable.

TUFFss™ only uses TUFF Certified Safety Technicians to erect, operate and maintain both its Shrink Wrap Habitats and Tri-Diamond Habitats, as well as the equipment and the associated Automatic Safety Shutdown System.

We are here to make a difference in the market of making Hot-Work safe. We pledge to our customers that we will always provide superior quality in products and services.

TUFF as a Diamond™ is our motto and we stand by it.